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Since the net centric vision needs to be dependable the network has to eliminate problems. It must be responsive to the various scenarios that can bring power to the edge. This information transporting is vital so a close relationship needs to develop between the infrastructure of the computing and the operations of the network. This is a priority for the support of the GIG services.

The transporting of data for all of the users from various secure domains can be challenging even with today’s technology. The seamless access that needs to be across the GIG is a goal and a priority. The data has to be available for any authorized user at all times and from all locations. The ability to deploy and expand the infrastructure is important.

Recovery of various systems that have been damaged or that have failed is important. The maintenance and availability of the elements is a requirement. The systems and technology that is used need to be seamless between them. The priority is on the communication for the infrastructure. The support ensures that the information can be transported and available to both fixed and mobile users.

This includes the physical networks, the protocols, transmission systems, facilities, and the management throughout the GIG framework. For this to happen though there needs to be a wireless line of site, SATCOM line of sight, and a fiber option traditional wire line. The priority should be on a core foundation being established that will transport all of the elements with such advanced technology. It must be able to successfully support the network for voice, data, and video with multiple levels of security in place.

For the concepts of the net centric environment to be transported, the environment requires a great deal of planning across the departments. Changes have to reflect the policies, procedures, and guidance that are in place. The planning has to take the capacity and equipment into consideration so that it is completely supported. The focus needs to include:

Modularization the design solutions should be IP based and modularized. They need to be able to identify patterns of use, location, and the mission that is being focused on. The configurations emerge so that they can be mixed and matched depending on the mission. Standardized materials have to be used in order to offer faster deployment for all users. This also cuts down on the amount of training necessary in the architecture.

Uniqueness is limited The technologies out there do offer plenty of great opportunities. They replace non standard equipment and their requirements for support. This will allow for the network to be operational with less maintenance or repairs. Therefore the cost of it is going to be reduced but you get more benefits.

The GIG communications infrastructure needs to be supportive of the IP traffic. The layered design if the IP for the transport needs to be connective at end points. Supporting the migration of the Cipher Text core is required so that the classified and unclassified traffic that is encrypted can be transported. The communications system has to provide for flexibility within the support network to all of the GIG node users. This includes the areas where they have more than one network domain.

The GIG communication system has to be designed and configured so that it is adaptable as well as reliable. This is accomplished with a network that is configured for management and has diverse paths including the cable routing. There are automatic routes offered too that can be applied. The spectrum management has to be flexible as well as dynamic.

Rapid deployment With the infrastructure equipment being configured you will be able to have the rapid deployment of the GIG abilities. This will be responsible to any mission requirements that are in place including tactical needs. The understanding of the requirements will be embedded in the resources so that the deployment is fast and enhanced from any site.

Evolution of technology There will be new types of technology that offer testing and that can increase the functions of the existing system. Once approved they can be implemented in the network. This technology has to be supportive of Internet Protocol Version 6 and of Simple Network Management Protocol Version 3.

The guide for the decisions made will be those that include anticipated opportunities for the tiered network. The security has to be considered with every step. This is why completely testing the equipment configuration both internally and with interconnections has to be done. There can be pilot programs that offer chances the deployments to be fully evaluated.

The elements of them will be embedded for the Department of Defense processing. This is a critical factor of the entire process that needs to be looked at. The ability of the department to realize that the transport of the information and the support goals of the net centric community have been realized is essential.

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