Granting Access to the Reports in Security & Compliance Center

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If you have made a Compliance Admin and an Organization Manager and you do not see anything when you click Reports. The following process may help you.

First, you log into the Exchange Admin Center (EAC) and click on Permissions. There, you press the + sign to make a new Admin Role.

Here,  add a name and description but leave Write Scope to Default. Now, click the + under Roles and add the following:

 “Data Loss Prevention, View-Only Configuration”

 In the next step, add the members and then add the account also here and save. Now browse the Security and Compliance Center, go to Permissions and click the + sign.

 Give it a name and a description before you add the following roles:

“Organization Configuration, “View-Only Audit Logs”

Finally, add the members and click Save.

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