Joint Enterprise-Defense Infrastructure – Initiating The Office 365 Environment For Data And Services

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The information that is offered to the users have to have both services and support in place as part of the overall structure. Otherwise the net centric environment can’t be secure or properly accessed. There are several different methods that can be used in order to get the IT department able to help the Department of Defense be able to do this. They will have to be properly equipped though with various resources, solutions, and information. These issues include:

Service orientation practice This helps to offer a variety of solutions that may be necessary within the net centric environment and the services that are offered. There should be adequate training available that will create a common understanding of the key services and concepts of the architecture. This includes covering the topics of separation of the interfaces and separation of the business logic so that it is different from the functions infrastructure. The practices in place need to be modified so that the deployment of new services across the entire net centric infrastructure can be successfully implemented.

Develop communities of interest The community of interest is important so that high priority information and services won’t become an issue. This addresses the need for information sharing and makes sure there aren’t any gaps along the way. The goal is to create a streamline process so that all of the support is properly in place for the community of business practices to be used as intended.

Enable information discovery This allows for data as well as services to be found and used throughout the net centric environment. It needs to be possible for a user to get the services that they are authorized for. The information will identified with the use of metadata tags through the DIEA 1.0 structure as it is created. The content has to be developed and then scanned into the various registries throughout the GIG.

Create service interfaces This enables the services to be found, understood, and then used. It will only occur though if the required information is provided and then registered. The details there will offer all customers with access to use the information and to transfer the data.

Define business models With the traditional idea of funding strategies in mind you end up with the model that doesn’t allow for end to end solutions across a given application. That limits the use of the hardware and of the data. With the new approach though the cost will be shared among the various consumers and information providers.

Governing the enterprise for common services The data will continue to increase in value. As a result of this the consumers need to have common functions that work for all of them throughout a particular interface. The ability to create a program that is technical where it needs to be but also operational is important. The decisions about how the enterprise will be governed has to be established. Each community has to decide and implement solutions that will help with the efforts in this area. The needs that each have are different in regards to where the leverage needs to be set.

The environment for the enterprise is net centric and so the amount of information available will continue to increase for the users throughout the Department of Defense. It is going to be vital that they are able to accept the various levels of support that have been implemented. Each user will have different expectations about what they can do. This comes down to the availability of the enterprise services for them.

In order for that to occur though the enterprise services available have to be consistent. They also have to be well defined. This type of program makes it possible for a wide range of users to be distributed through the Department of Defense. It also makes it possible for trust and security to remain top priorities.

Both the data services and the application have to be part of the Department of Defense Enterprise. This information is an asset to the company that has to be accessible for those that are responsible for making various decisions. The data services and applications have to be intertwined with each other.

The mission services of the organization will be used independently for the underlying initiation and implementation. The data becomes more valuable this way because it is visible. It is also accessible and easy to understand when it isn’t in only one form of application.

The information only has to be handled once and it should be reusable instead of having to created again and again. The use of syntax and semantics for the sharing of the data should also be defined by a community base. The information sharing will prevent problems from developing for that community. Solutions have to come from internal measures.

For this to work though all of the data and services of the applications have to remain visible and accessible. They have to be trusted though before they can be considered for any user. While all of the needs out there can’t be foreseen most of them can. When an unanticipated problem comes up it can be evaluated and remedies based on the policies and solutions of the system.

Building up a capability that offers such support to users is important. This should also include outside of the expected set so that the department will be able to measure the competitive advantages that come with such an operation.

The enterprise services that offer data and information will have to be authorized. That is going to ensure the trust is in place and that it is free of errors. The information that develops through such authority can be traced back to the trusted source that was created for it.

The enterprise services have to be able to host well in various environments though. Each of these environments must cover the GIG standards so that they can be available and supportive. It is also a way for the back up to work like it should. There are many core enterprise services that the Department of Defense requires. This ensures that there is awareness, accessibility, and delivery across the span of the enterprise.

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