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The net centric computing infrastructure has to be customer oriented. This is in regards to how it is shared and how information is allotted. There system should be monitored and configured. There are several things that must be enabled within this type of infrastructure:

Independent storage The services and applications have to be stored in a way that the data can be shared. It should be available all across the GIG so that it can be consolidated in areas. That data should be stored in the most efficient way possible. There are users that will access the information from many locations too along the GIG.

Automated storage There will be patterns of use that develop with the data. Automated storage can be developed this way. The system will learn the best way to better serve the users due to that type of storage.

Virtualization of application environments The applications will be hosted and shared in the same environment. This offers many changes to be able to be processed in regards to the various storage abilities. The usage patterns will affect this too. The hosting environment allows for a seamless method of accessing the applications and services regardless of where they are physically located.

Automated reporting All of the resources for the GIG will have a way to continually report the status. This allows the NetOps to have a view of the status of the available resources. As a result there is awareness and control through monitoring. This includes when there is a transition to the net centric computer infrastructure. There are quite a few benefits of this including:

Reduces complexity The department has many abilities that belong to various components. Yet they don’t take the overall architecture into consideration. They best practice for them will become easier. At the same time though they will become more consistent with the overall infrastructure.

Response The GIG infrastructure will be in place across all of the applications and user groups. This means it will be able to respond faster to the data that is being processed. It will load faster and it will also be less expensive to add new resources as changing demands and needs of the department are identified.

Shared resources The shared resources allow for the applications and user groups to be prioritized. There is a pool of these resources that are available within the infrastructure. The needs of users identify what the hierarchy of priorities will be.

Opportunities for consolidation The ability to share what is being processed and stored is important. There is a need for more capacity to be there within the hardware. That allows for changes to be made when more demands or new demands are made by the users. This is a huge benefit to have when you want to be able to control the overall cost of the operations.

Support The focus is going to be on offering a high level of availability of the information resources. The demands of the users will be met and supported continually throughout the operation. As a result of this the abilities of the users will be structured for the overall mission of the operations environment.

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