Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure – Standardization of the GIG Computing Infrastructure

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The net centric operating environment and applications won’t be hosted or maintained by dedicated software any longer. Instead they will be virtual on the GIG computing nodes across the various resources in the GIG. The computing nodes are IT facilities that allow for hosting the various applications and services. Data is stored and the content is controlled so that they it is delivered within the different service levels.

The computing nodes allow for security, backup, and information assurance to be in place across the IT network that is being hosted. The computing nodes can be offered in a variety of levels. This can range from a fixed enterprise scale to a regional processing area. The use of standard rules for the computing nodes is vital for the DIEA 1.0.

The GIG resources have to be on the edge and that will happen with a fixed and deployed computing node technology that is responsive. All of the computing nodes have to be NetOps certified and accredited in order for them to meet the computing service provider requirements.

The computing infrastructure has to support all of the missions of the department. It must provide the edge with an on demand access that is secure for shared spaces. The information of the assets has to work for the functionality, the security, and the integrity of all the domains.

Consolidating the computing infrastructure has fixed mode operations in place so that it is cost effective. At the same time the mission capabilities and operational effectiveness won’t be compromised. The infrastructure needs to offer security and plenty of storage for the data.

The infrastructure also needs to offer a host environment that can evolve. That way it can be adaptable to the different needs of the applications. It can also meet the demands of the increased services that are available throughout the department.

The computing infrastructure needs to be consolidated so that it I can offer the best possible extension. The resources will be the most efficient when they can be used both regionally and globally.

The platform for computing needs to have an independent locations. This will provide real time allocation for all of the shared resources. This infrastructure is responsible for supporting the needs and requirements of the edge environment. This doesn’t stop due to connectivity or a limited amount of bandwidth.

The implementation of the computing infrastructure needs to offer transparent interfaces. This will allow the users to always get top performance and a high quality of service. These abilities need to be agile so that they can continue to respond even when the demands for the computing increase.

With shared computing and data storage there are resources that have to be accessible for the virtual management and control with the GIG to occur. The GIG computing infrastructure needs to be certified and accredited by designated authorities.

There are some basic rules an principles that need to be covered. They will offer guidance for the department so that the environment can support net centric implementation of the applications and services for IT. Then it can meet the needs of the edge.

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