Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure – Understanding How Office 365 Will Evolve

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The principles of the DIEA is focused on making a baseline for the framework of the rules that define and guide the Department of Defense. The core of the product is the architecture. This includes the role of the Defense Information Enterprise, the DIEA for the context of the enterprise, and the core principles of the rules that guide all of the investments. All of this information can be downloaded for review from

Even though the DIEA 1.0 offers a very strong start, it is only the beginning rather than being complete. The world of IT is one that continues to evolve so it is going to be a work in progress from day one. There are three questions that need to be answered for the enterprise architecture so that proper guidance can be established. Those questions are:

What do we need to do?

How do we need to operate?

When will we make the transition?

To answer the first two questions, a foundation has to be established with the principles and rules for the enterprise to follow. The concepts need to be embedded into the Department of Defense so that the transformation can occur. The department has to have a plan for the transition to be in place so that the guidance will make it a process that flows well.

The future releases won’t offer an increase in the number of architecture products. What will happen in the future is that the current ones will be refined and offer additional operational view such as in the areas of process models. This will help with identifying specific problems within the Department of Defense.

There are some types of views that you aren’t ever going to see in the DIEA though. One of them is the logical data models and systems that are inconsistent with the Department of Defense data and services strategies. The overall concept of the net centric system is for information sharing. The architecture products aren’t going to help with the area of various challenges such as when there is a transition in place from the current environment.

The rules and principles that are outlined in the DIEA 1.0 are very important to follow. They offer a decision making process for the Department of Defense. The goal will result in speeding up the evolution of the net centric information sharing. The key focus is for the rules and principles to be an embedded part of the process. There are plenty of steps in motion though to get this to happen. The department is taking the time to:

Focus attention on the supporting decision makers for the department. This is done with the DIEA as a type of tool for guiding and maintaining the IT investments that they have to be responsible for.

Speeding up the evolution of the approach to solving the data and services issues is being addressed by the department.

The issues that relate to the funding for the enterprise service and models continue to be explored.

The Department of Defense is working to merge the architecture guidance with the net centric operations. There is a checklist being reviewed with the DIEA. The merge is next release of the DIEA will offer a framework that is very powerful when it comes to the concerns of architecture guidance.

The DIEA compliance guidelines in place will be published so that the issues of compliance can be viewed. The goals of the net centric operations will then have the solid commitment throughout the various layers that make of the Department of Defense. The DIEA 1.0 is a very important tool for the department to be able to achieve that goal.

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