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todayJuly 9, 2019

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Rural Development Owner

ICT Planning And Development During Coronavirus

It has been previously stated that in implementing rural development project in developing countries, a good starting point is to develop the agriculture in the area. In this section, we shall survey the pre-requisites for such a development and then study the factors of importance to be taken into consideration ...

todayJanuary 15, 2019

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SharePoint Development Owner

Freeware – SharePoint Security Scanner

Just want to the app? Download here: http://spsecurityscanner.codeplex.com I recently was at a client doing an audit on the SharePoint environment, and the question of how to do continual scanning on the site for possible system/ web service / and list WebForm exposure. Mimicking and automating this behavior is no ...

todayOctober 9, 2018

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SharePoint Development Owner

Enumerating All SPWebs In SPFarm.Local Into Strongly Typed Collection

So when enumerating the SPWebs within a SPFarm to build a strongly typed SPWeb collection for whatever purpose your enumeration might look like this: [csharp] public static List WebsPreppedForIteration() { var collection = new List(); foreach (SPSite x in SPFarm.Local.Services.OfType().SelectMany (svc => ((svc).WebApplications.Where (webApp => !webApp.Properties.ContainsKey(“Microsoft.Office.Server.SharedResourceProvider”)).SelectMany (webApp => webApp.Sites.Cast()))).Where (x ...